Working together for efficient, sustainable urban distribution

GentLevert is committed to smart, efficient and sustainable urban distribution. Our platform is where all stakeholders come together.


GentLevert is for carriers who want to organise transport more efficiently in Ghent. Using GentLevert's partners for the last mile means smoother supply chain management for carriers.

Drivers make fewer stops and don't waste time in the city centre, making transport much more efficient and ultimately leading to lower costs.

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GentLevert is for suppliers who want to optimise the service they provide their end customers. The first and last miles of a delivery route are where many carriers find themselves stuck in city traffic.

By intelligently consolidating goods and destinations, GentLevert's partners can ensure more efficient delivery. In addition, during restricted times they can also make deliveries in the car-free part of the city.

Look under Solutions for answers to your practical questions.

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GentLevert is for traders, restaurant & café operators and businesses that support a more pleasant and liveable Ghent.

GentLevert's partners handle final delivery. Goods and destinations are consolidated intelligently, which means deliveries to traders can be more efficiently organised and planned.

GentLevert's partners use smaller, eco-friendly vehicles. This means less noise and pollution outside your business, as well as less wear and tear on the roads and pavements.

By reducing the impact on the supply chain in which you are the start first or last link, you can be an ambassador for GentLevert. Tell your suppliers about GentLevert. They can help us develop a more liveable city and cut costs.

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